Inmate Services

Collect calls are available for inmates who are incarcerated, they may need to contact you or a friend to inform you of their situation and contact a bail bondsman to start the process of bonding them out.

Inmate Phone Accounts

You can set up a prepaid phone account for any inmate in custody. An inmate who may be incarcerated for any period of time may want to talk to you on a regular basis.  Make sure to have a phone account set up for the inmate to make those important calls. These calls may be for case status updates,upcoming court dates, or they may just want to hear your voice to let them know things will be okay. We have provided a link to set up phone accounts.

Paytell Collect Calls

An inmate who is currently incarcerated may need you or a friend to send money to their account in order to purchase basic items during their incarceration. Setting up an account is easy and secure. We have provided a link for you to quickly set up an account for an inmate.  If you have additional questions, please contact our office.

Send Money to an Inmate

Do you have a computer? Need to visit an inmate? You can now visit a friend or family member from the comfort of your home. Save time and money, and avoid the hassle of driving to jail for visitation. Video visitation is now available from many of the Florida County jails. Click below to see how it works!

Video Visitation

You can now write to an inmate in custody, or they can write to you. Many jails now offer email services to inmates who need to send or receive messages. All you need is an email address to talk with a person incarcerated. Follow the link below to find out more information on email services.

Email Inmates